Telling tales of ancient times
No one knows my true name
My stories saved my life
From hands that wished to kill me

I was not supposed to live after one erotic night
I was not supposed to be so fucking interesting
I was not supposed to tell the tales I’m telling you right now
But now I’m telling all these tales just hoping you will listen

Send for me, take me, then break me…
Just like all the other whores…
My words will save me from frenzy…
My words have saved me before…

I pitch my voice, create suspence,
be all that I can be,
I only have one talent,
Sure that that’s enough for me,
I can make you want much more,
Setting myself free.

I can make you long for endings,
Postpone your search for satisfaction,
I have all the mysteries,
missing links and lost connections,
I can feel you yearn for knowledge,
my words being your sole salvation.

No one knows the ending...
No one knows my true name,

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